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3 Must-Have Items For A Perfect Reading Sesh – The Anxious Author

You might think you know how to read? Pick up a book, open it (or turn it on if you’re using an e-reader), sit down and start reading, right? Wrong! In fact that’s a complete bastardisation of the activity.

Reading over a rushed meal or in a car waiting for someone are perfectly understandable. We’ve got to squeeze those pages in somewhere. But when you are dedicating an hour (or seven) to reading in your own home, there is a ritual you are expected to perform.

The first step of this ritual is to try several different positions on the sofa until you have achieved optimum comfort. You will probably end up in a position that a contortionist would envy and that you will pay for later in back pain. The second step is to remember that we’ve left our book out of reach so we have to move to go and get it.

Step number three is to get three crucial items to maximise our reading sesh comfort. Not just crucial, mandatory:

The Floofiest Blanket You Own

Oh, it’s July? It’s 100 degrees outside? Tough cookies, you need a blanket to read. In truth, the blanket isn’t about warmth, it’s about creating a cocoon. To get completely lost in a book, we need to cut ourselves off from the real world for just a little while. Full immersion is the best way to enjoy a good book and after all, isn’t that the high we’re always chasing?

Cocoon yourself up in your cosiest blanket before you reach for your book. It’s just one part of the perfect reading experience trifecta.

A Hot Cup O’Something

For my fellow Brits, this cup of something is almost certainly tea. Maybe hot chocolate if it’s nearly Christmas. Whatever it is you have in your mug, make sure you have it close by because it’s a perfect accompaniment.

If we don’t know what to do with ourselves during a tense scene, take a drink. If we’re lamenting the poor choice of a beloved protagonist, take a drink. If we’re watching the two main characters finally kiss after twenty chapters of pretending they don’t like each other, take a drink. While smiling smugly into your mug.

Just don’t choke if a character you love dies. You’ve suffered enough.

Scented Candles

When we sit down to read, it’s important to set the mood and candles work wonders. Scary, intense and romantic plots are super enhanced when we’re surrounded with a small army of scented candles.

Do they have to be scented? Once upon a time I might have said it’s a matter of personal choice. But ever since we’ve all started working from home, scented candles are the only things stopping our living rooms from smelling like a teenage boy’s bedroom. So yes, they have to be scented.

With our candles creating the ambience, our hot beverage keeping the fidgets at bay and our blanket keeping us in the moment, these are all must-haves for our reading session.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

3 thoughts on “3 Must-Have Items For A Perfect Reading Sesh – The Anxious Author”

  1. Cute post! I insisted on bringing my mom’s old rocking chair to my new apartment so I’ve set up a little reading nook in the corner. I always enjoy reading at night with a lamp on, some tea, and a blanket. I also usually put on some comfy clothes and have a snack on hand as well. 🙂

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