What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile: That Night

Against my better judgement, I’ve been book hunting again.

Old habits die hard and I’ve just quit my job so I really need to reel in the book buying. Needless to say, my book budget has never been smaller and it’ll take some getting used to. It’s time to focus funding on my new business and spend sensibly. So, all I can do these days is browse books and sigh wistfully.

Right now, I’m happy with the trade-off. I’ve got so many books I haven’t read yet and this is a good chance to make my way through my TBR pile. But the next one I buy might just be this one:

All Nadira Holden wants is to preserve the last of her soul and create a new life free of magic, demons, and war. Her involuntary bond with a succubus makes her desires impossible. The threat of this disgruntled demon possessing her urges Nadira to find the succubus’s missing body.

Nadira’s only hope of avoiding demonic possession lies with Derek, the only demon she can tolerate without slaying. Except, his hands are full trying to secure his recently-inherited title of prince. Desperate, Nadira agrees to help Derek secure his title by experimenting with the deadly magic they once generated in exchange for his aid in her investigation.

To untangle herself from the evil that surrounds her, Nadira must be willing to betray her friends and get cozy with her enemies. She may even have to do the unthinkable: break the peace treaty that allows demons and humans to coexist. If she can’t toss aside her scruples, Nadira may not make it out of this ordeal with her soul intact.”

* * *

Whether the algorithms that be have finally caught on that I want to read more diverse authors and characters or it’s just luck, I’ve found a lot of what I’m looking for lately. Black protagonists and authors are suggested a lot more often and hopefully it stays that way.

I hope that this time next year I can start buying books with reckless abandon again – but also in paperback, not just e-book! For now, I’m keeping an eye on this book and this author to see if there are any sales that will tempt me even further.

Let’s get this book on some wishlists!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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