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Reading Round-Up: 18th – 24th December 2020

Happy Christmas Eve!

Here in the UK we are having a different kind of Christmas this year. Our government initially told us that over the Christmas period we could meet our families in “Christmas bubbles”. But as of Monday, the only day we are allowed to visit our families is the day itself.

Because me and my husband live so far away from our family, we won’t be able to get there and back within the 24 hours. So, one short month after quitting my retail job which finally meant we could spend Christmas at home, we are now spending Christmas in our new house.

It isn’t quite the Christmas we envisioned but I think the same can be said for everyone this year. 2020 has taken its toll on many elements of our lives and despite everything, I’m still looking to 2021 with some optimism.

Back in December 2019, we already knew from the past few years not to get our hopes up about the year to come. Every new year seemed to bring with it some new disaster that has gradually snowballed over time. We got into the habit of saying “things can’t get any worse, surely?” and we learned pretty quickly that saying such things was tempting fate.

But we can’t lose hope and in reality, things will happen the way they do whether we say “this will be our year” or not. Despite our isolated Christmas this year, I have hope that 2021 will bring with it some positive new developments. If not, and everything goes to hell, at least I wasn’t worrying about it all before it happened!

Whatever kind of Christmas you’re having this year, whether you’re with your family or celebrating on your own, keep your chin up. Times are hard but there will be a day soon when we can meet all our families and friends again. When we don’t need to wear masks to buy our groceries and we can finally go to the gym again!

In the meantime, me and my husband have some nice, quiet plans for Christmas and that involves plenty of yoga and reading. This last week, I’ve started to get into a better reading routine and in the new year I’m hoping to really solidify this routine. With more time to read, I should be able to get even more books read in 2021 than this year.

Every year around this time I usually see a post talking about the Icelandic tradition of buying each other books and opening and reading them on Christmas eve. This year we definitely didn’t have the mental space to do this but I’m desperate to try it next year. A whole day dedicated just to reading!

Even if Christmas isn’t how you planned it this year, I hope you have an amazing Christmas Day! I won’t be posting again on the blog now until next Wednesday (30th) so I can have a bit of time off to enjoy the Christmas period with my husband. I’ll be back with a new book review and some discussion about the new year before we get started with 2021.

Have a great Christmas, see you next week!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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