Reading Catch Ups

Do We Panic Now?

The last seven days since my last catch up post have made up yet another week that will go down in the history books. While 2020 was chock-full of these kinds of weeks, they didn’t quite have 60,000 daily cases of COVID-19 in the UK, Brexit and a political coup in the USA.

But all of this is not going to dampen my message from last week because at the end of the day, we are all one person. We can only do what is within our control and that involves actively staying safe during a global pandemic and voting in the best interests of everyone. I am a staunch “Remainer” who stays indoors all day and has no say in the US elections. I put my name on petitions, I donate to charities when I can and there is little more a working woman can do. (If there is, please tell me, I want to get involved!)

We look back on history in awe and wonder what it must have been like to live through troubling times. The times when society crumbled under conflict and yet, here we are still. This is just one of those times and one day scores of kids turning their history textbooks will think back and wonder what today was like for us. Then they’ll have to write a paper on it over the weekend.

Just like everything else has, this will pass and we should not define our new year by the events of the first few days. The timing is poor, because what we really needed after a difficult year was at least a few days of hope. But even if it’s not this week, it might be the next.

Reading has become a more crucial distraction than ever. Those moments when I’m lost in a book are the most peaceful because even dreams have the odd nuclear war in them at the moment. Right now I’m reading “A Drop of Dream” by Amy Hopkins, about a hybrid human-witch who runs her own magical tea shop. It’s as cosy as it sounds!

It’s times like this when urban fantasy is truly one of the best genres to read. Our troubles don’t exist in these books, our worlds aren’t the same. Instead, we can cheer someone else on through their own disasters and very often find solace in their happy endings.

Even if you feel as though you don’t have time right now, find time to pick up a book. Over lunch, while the family is watching TV or – hell, this is probably the best place – on the toilet. Read something. It’s a small relief in an otherwise overwhelming time.

If you aren’t sure where to start, you can read up on my 3 Must-Have Items For A Perfect Reading Sesh article to help!

2021 might not have gotten off to the best start but keep your faith and find joy where you can find it.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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