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3 Ways To Deal With Anxiety Symptoms Affecting Your Productivity – The Anxious Author

Keeping a positive mindset is important to staying afloat during difficult times. However, we don’t want to become so over-positive that we completely ignore our feelings and negatives experiences.

There’s a balance we must keep, a fine line we must tread if we want to keep our anxiety in check and even then it doesn’t always pan out. But paying attention to what our bodies are doing is key to coping in the long run.

With world events taking a difficult turn in the past few weeks, I’ve noticed my anxiety symptoms gaining momentum. It’s been decades now, so they don’t stir panic like they used to. But they make themselves known pretty aggressively and naturally, it has an impact on day to day life.

While many of us are in lockdown, dealing with living life around COVID-19 and unrest in our countries, coping is a challenge. But if we keep a few things in mind to ensure we aren’t putting undue pressure on ourselves, coping becomes that little bit easier.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up For Slow Days

Having a run of productive days can make us feel invincible, it’s a great feeling. But when the brain fog, tight chest and fatigue set in, sometimes we can feel like it’ll be years until we see another productive day.

Even if we aren’t getting as much done during the days our symptoms are fierce, we are still giving our all and that counts for something. We must learn to give ourselves credit for the effort we put in rather than the end results on the days we struggle. After all, our minds and bodies are trying to cope with symptoms on top of everything else we are expecting of them. Behaving in a more understanding way towards ourselves on our less productive days is the first step to making that day a little easier.

Sleep When You Need To

Not going to lie, I took a nap halfway through writing this post. Powering through seems like the strong thing to do, right? Anxiety symptoms can be exhausting when they’re at their peak and it can take it out of us.

Working from home is now so common that taking the odd nap might be more of a possibility now than it’s ever been. If you’re worn out by lunchtime, sleep through your break and throw a Pot Noodle in the microwave afterwards. Rest will go some way to helping us recoup the energy we lost dealing with our symptoms.

If you are one of the amazing workers who still has to put themselves on the line every day to do your job, I both thank you and ask that you take your naps whenever you can. Even without anxiety symptoms, it isn’t like you don’t deserve it!

Drink Plenty

This is a big one. Brain fog goes a long way to making us forget important things and drinking water usually tumbles to the bottom of our priority list. For me, though I don’t know whether it works for anyone else, drinking lots of water relieves my chest tightness symptom. This could just be a placebo effect but until that glass shatters, I’ll take it.

Getting dehydrated is the easiest thing to do when experiencing anxiety symptoms. Make a habit of filling your water glass as soon as it’s emptied and have it right next to you so it’s harder to forget to drink.

It sounds like such a rudimentary concern but catering to this basic need will make us feel stronger when our symptoms die down a little. Until they find a cure for anxiety, all we can do is take care of ourselves and ensure we aren’t putting pressure on ourselves for things beyond our control. Our anxiety may not be kind to us, but we can be.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

4 thoughts on “3 Ways To Deal With Anxiety Symptoms Affecting Your Productivity – The Anxious Author”

  1. Thanks for the tips! I’ll admit my anxiousness has been a lot recently with all the current events in the news on top of there being a more contagious strain of COVID-19 now. Not only that but I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything going on. I’ve been trying to deal with it by taking time for myself to read more often and write more.

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