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Blood Legends: Ascension – Book Review

Title: Blood Legends: Ascension

Author: Kim Petersen

Genre: Urban fantasy/dystopian fantasy

Rating: 5 Stars

Not even the most cunning vampire can outsmart his way toward Ascension.

The dome city is complete, and a new society must be established. An impenetrable wall separates the districts. The division between factions of humans and vampires is drawn. Slavery, blood, and power are the only objectives in a fascist world.

With the radical changes underway, Jett, a rebel vampire with a secret goal to find a cure for the V-Virus is forced to make life-altering choices when his overlord announces plans to claim his daughter as the first ever vampire queen.

Will Jett play it safe and conform to the new world? Or will he stand firm in his beliefs and seek out his own kind of ascension?

* * *

My Review

After Jett’s adventures in Blood Legend: Undead and Blood Legend: Rebirth, he is back and still trying to save the world.

After a virus that turns humans into vampires continues to sweep across the planet, Jett, a vampire, feels he has a responsibility to put things back the way things were. He and his daughter Avila are now residents of a domed city in which vampires rules and humans are used to sustain them.

Humans are promised a safe, new life in the domed city but in reality, they suffer brutality and cruelty at the hands of their vampire overlords. Marius, who built this society, has chosen Jett’s daughter Avila as his queen and makes plans to have an official ceremony honouring the “vampire gods”.

Jett is responsible for ensuring that only pure-blooded humans enter the city for vampire consumption. But in the abandoned subway of the city, he, his friend Sun and a few others who have joined his cause, work to find a cure for the V-virus.

When a vaccination test goes horribly wrong and a healthy young vampire is turned into a monster, the city is thrown into chaos. Jett has to do everything he can to save the people he loves and stop their new society from disintegrating.

Jett has grown more cynical through the series and we are now in book three. However, he still clings to hope that he can change the world back to the way it was. He knows there is a chance this can happen thanks to the birth of a werewolf child he encountered in Blood Legends: Rebirth. However, as his experiments fail and his daughter is days away from pledging herself to Marius forever, Jett feels as though he serves no purpose in the fight against the V-virus.

There is a true sense of despair for humanity in this book that is a real credit to the author. Atmosphere and detail are Kim Petersen’s major strengths and the combination of the two makes for some deep feelings. The story is unpredictable, original and full of suspense – and plenty of gore!

The characters have truly evolved in a brutally honest style of realism, including Sun and Avila who have made unusual but understandable choices in an attempt to cope in their new world.

The Blood Legend books so far have always caught me off guard and make me legitimately concerned for the world if this scenario were ever to happen. The realism in these stories is so powerful that it can fool you into thinking that the contents of these books may just happen if given the chance. It’s an odd but mind-blowing immersion that I still can’t quite get my head around.

I can’t wait to see what happens next, especially given the surprise ending! This book has earned its The Secret Library Recommended Reads seal for sure:

If you want to check out Blood Legends: Ascension for yourself, here is the link. Book one in the series, Blood Legends: Undead is currently free on Amazon (correct at the date of posting) at this link.

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