The Arch Mage Release Giveaway

The 2021 new releases are really starting to pick up!

I’ll cop to wondering if January is a great month to have a new release on account of everyone being broke. But we definitely didn’t have an all-out 2020 Christmas, so are we less broke for it? Probably not, but if you’re a fellow bookworm, you aren’t going to let no money stop you from reading.

It sounds like I’m asking you for money, doesn’t it? Well ignore that because I’m actually talking about a giveaway:

The latest book by Cami Murdock Jensen is about to hit the shelves and they are having a giveaway to celebrate!

Prizes include a signed paperback of the first book in The Archmage series, a galaxy light globe, a dragon journal (*drool*) and a dragon glow in the dark bookmark. I won’t lie, I’ve never wanted to win a giveaway more.

There’s only ten days left on this giveaway so get your entries in quick, you can put in several entries as in most of Courtney Cannon’s giveaways.

If you’d like to enter, the link to the giveaway is a-right here.

Good luck and thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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