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Drummers & Demons – Book Review

Title: Drummers & Demons

Author: D. Gabrielle Jensen

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Rating: Four stars

“He followed her in-and now he’s dead.

Small but fiery, Fia Drake is a natural when it comes to hunting the souls of the damned. Trained in a convent to wield a crossbow with frightening efficiency, her routine is clear-cut and effective: track target, neutralize, find live music and a sexy stranger, rinse and repeat.

Tedious? Maybe. But it’s safe. It helps her keep a healthy distance from others. Whether it’s blood on her hands or muddled emotions, if there’s one thing Fia doesn’t want, it’s messiness.

But humans are messy-and demons are worse. When unknown enemies and allies start appearing on her jobs, Fia is forced to get up close and personal. In doing so, she makes two mistakes.

Mistake #1

She takes her mind off her target, and it almost costs her life.

Mistake #2

Her thoughts keep returning to a mysterious chivalrous drummer she sent packing after a night of fun. It dredges up her turbulent past, forcing her to face her inner demons.

Will her connections to the drummer and demons be her salvation-or a one-way ticket to hell?”

* * *

My Review

Fia Drake has hunted zombies since she was seventeen. Her job is simple: kill the target and put a soul collar on them. An unknown entity will deal with the body. When she’s low on equipment, new stock magically appears in her security deposit box and she waits for the next contract.

Fia doesn’t know quite how it works or who’s in charge, only that she has an important job to do and hey, she gets paid. When her targets start finding her instead of the other way around, Fia learns that there is more at play than she realised.

Teaming up with members of the clergy who raised her to be a monster hunter, Fia tries to figure out what is happening and why. The creepy priest who shows up wherever she is and the hot drummer who wants something more permanent than a one night stand. Unusually, so does Fia, but she is very aware that her occupation doesn’t gel with a permanent boyfriend. Yet, she can’t say “no” to him.

The story here was really enjoyable, Fia lives a carefree lifestyle but can’t really get close to anyone. She is a kick-ass heroine who can handle herself. The issue with zombies during the story is slowly unravelled and the book ends on a cliffhanger which definitely has me reaching for book two.

Fia’s struggles with intimacy were a great character arc for her. Although she has let Max in by the end of the book, I can’t help but feel she’s going to push him away again. Don’t do it, Fia! You’re great for each other!

My only gripes with this book were that the story was a bit choppy and the action scenes needed more focus. Fia was often jumping back into memories of her past for exposition and while I loved reading about her past, it took up far more of the story than it should have. The action scenes would have benefited from a little more air time than the flashbacks.

But all in all, D. Gabrielle Jensen is a very talented storyteller who has a real gift for fleshing out interesting characters and an interesting world. Drummers & Demons is a slow burn rockstar urban fantasy that has shaken up the genre in all the right ways.

Read Drummers & Demons for yourself, here’s the buy link!

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