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Whiskey & Ink – Book Review

Title: Whiskey & Ink

Author: D. Gabrielle Jensen

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Rating: Four stars

My Review

This book doesn’t yet have a cover, a blurb or a buy link but heck, I got to read it and I’m reviewing it anyway!

Whiskey & Ink is the second book in the Fia Drake series by D. Gabrielle Jensen, the first book of which I reviewed last week. This series follows soul collector/unknowing demon hunter Fia Drake as she tries to disentangle a supernatural mystery happening in her home town.

Max, the drummer she met in book one, has gotten under her skin and she is finding it difficult to shut him out of her life. Even though it just got a whole lot more dangerous. Demons are trying to kill her and priests and humans alike are siding with evil to work towards a goal she still can’t quite demystify.

In the interest of safety, Fia has returned to the people who raised her: priests and nuns who train new hunters and feed them into the system to do the work of angels. Finding refuge with them, Fia reconnects with familiar faces and teachers the up and coming hunters all the tricks she’s learned out in the field.

But as more humans are possessed by spirits, she becomes more concerned with Max’s safety. After getting him a tattoo to protect him from possession, Max gets sucked even further into her unusual life.

Whiskey & Ink was a bit slower paced than Drummers & Demons and focused a lot more on Fia’s relationships with the priests and nuns, the teenagers she teaches and of course, Max. The story was emotive, sometimes sexual, and as with its predecessor, packed with mystery. New antagonists are introduced and as the story unwinds, Fia comes to realise that she is firmly in the crosshairs of her enemies and that all her new acquaintances are at risk.

I enjoyed the rockstar vibes of the first book but getting to know Fia a little more intimately was welcome. Tensions are beginning to rise between Fia and Max as their lives become more intertwined and it’s going to be interesting to see where that leads.

There was a lot less action in this book, though and it would have been nice to see a little more. The ending was a little rushed and though there was a climax, it did feel a little too inevitable that Fia would win.

As the series unfolds, it will be interesting to see who is pulling what strings because there is huge potential for Fia to be in over her head in future books.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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