Free Book By Laura Greenwood

Every so often I have trouble finding giveaways and today is one of those days. But it just so happens that I’m reading a book right now by Laura Greenwood that is entirely (and I think, permanently?) free. So if we can’t win any swag to put on our bookshelves, we can at least get a free book.

Laura Greenwood has an incredible array of urban fantasy, academy and fantasy books and I’m really enjoying getting stuck in. Here’s the one I’m reading right now which you can pick up for free:

I’ll save the blurb for the review coming on Wednesday!

This isn’t the only one of Laura Greenwood’s books that are free at the moment. Take a scroll through her Amazon author page and see because she has so many books and a good handful of them aren’t charging anything. This is good news for us urban fantasy and paranormal romance readers!

Get Catching a Vampire at this link and see if it’s your thing. If not, there’s loads of her other books that might take your fancy.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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