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New Release – The Moon Shadow

It’s been a while since we had a new release on The Secret Library but admittedly, I rely on word of mouth to advertise this feature. Whenever someone pops up with a new urban fantasy or fantasy release, I’m more than happy to feature it.

February is actually pretty booked up for new releases and we are beginning our run of new books with this gem:

“When Evelyn Wolfrik, an exiled wolf-shifter, walked into a Court of Shadows nightclub she had one plan — find the vampire that executed her parents, put a dagger in his heart, and get out.

Being caught by Aiden Kensley, the dark vampire prince, before she could exact justice wasn’t part of the plan. Now that the little wolf is in his hands, Aiden refuses to let her go.

Taken to the Court of Shadows, the king offers Evelyn a choice — become a blood concubine for the Kensley House or marry a man of the Court’s choosing.

Struggling to adapt to a Court she wants no part of, Evelyn attempts to unravel the truth behind her parents’ deaths.

Friends and foes watch her every move. Some desire to control her, others crave her power, and more than a few of them want to claim her for themselves. With a wolf rebellion rising, if Evelyn makes one wrong move the Court of Shadows, her people, and her heart could be lost forever.”

* * *

Moon Shadow hit the shelves three days ago on 3rd February and book two is already in the works.

At a little under 100k, Moon Shadow is a wolf shifter suspense that delves into the good ol’ vampire vs. werewolf trope. This is the first book ever released by author K. Rea and by the looks of the cover and blurb, it’s set for success. Seriously, how can you resist that eye candy?

K. Rea decided after fifteen years and several re-writes that she would make this book a reality in 2020. Now, the series is well under way and with promised sequels to come. A tentative release date for book two has been set for Winter 2021 but pre-orders will be available from Spring 2021.

Moon Shadow is available right now on Amazon at this link. If you want to get this book, don’t waste any time! This first week is critical for sales, especially for a new author and it would be amazing to see her debut novel rising up the bestseller list.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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