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3 Things You Shouldn’t Give Your Energy To When Writing Books – The Anxious Author

Our energy is a limited resource. We only have so much of it and it can only go so far. So what we spend it on is an important consideration.

When I first started getting stuck in to the writing community on social media, I realised that I didn’t just have to dedicate my energy to writing. I also had to expend energy keeping up with the latest publishing trends, networking and getting involved in author events online. As an Anxious Author and introvert, this was a bit daunting.

When you start anything exciting and new in your life, you want to go all in. You put all of your energy into your new endeavour, cradling the notion that effort equals success. A perfect equation if there were no bumps in the road but they do inevitably come up. After a while, it’s important to decide what you would like to give your energy to. Here are three things that I decided didn’t deserve my energy:

Unhelpful Low Reviews

I appreciate getting reviews, whether they are high or low. High reviews give us the ego boost we might have sorely needed that day and low reviews can be constructive, helping us better our writing. But sometimes low reviews are neither helpful nor constructive. Sometimes they can even be malicious.

If you get a low review and the reviewer either doesn’t explain why or uses it as a proverbial bat with which to beat you with, don’t give it a thought. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but if a low review can say nothing other than “it wasn’t my cup of tea”, then don’t give it any thought.

The only unconstructive low reviews you should give even a smidgeon of energy to are the racist, homophobic or otherwise prejudiced reviews. And that energy so should only be spent in clicking the “report” button.

Industry Drama

Authors fight sometimes and it’s never nice. Sometimes there’s good reason and sometimes it’s just petty squabbling. Especially when the situation is the latter, it’s important to stay out of any drama. Becoming known as an author who gets stuck into scandal is not going to help you in business or in life.

The best things to spend your energy on in the writing community are boosting other authors, supporting writing-related causes and providing helpful advice. Constructive help, shout-outs and congratulatory messages lift everyone up and these are wonderful contributions to the author world. Be that person!


This is a big one. If you want to avoid bad reviews or drama you just log off your computer. We can’t log out of our brains, more is the pity. We are stuck with our thoughts whether we like it or not and when self-doubt creeps up, we often open the door for it.

It’s worth getting into the habit of smacking down self-doubt whenever it appears. Not only because it isn’t a good use of energy but because giving that self-doubt any platform at all can cause it to grow. Nobody needs a full-blown self-confidence crisis at the best of times, but certainly not these days.

Even when we aren’t in the middle of a pandemic, preserving our energy is important and usually energy-preserving activities are the kind that contribute good things to our communities. Choose your causes wisely!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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