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Off Sick For A Few Days

Have you ever heard of vertigo?

I only heard it in passing until it smacked me in the face this morning and stuck me in bed for a minimum of a few hours and a hopeful maximum of six weeks. A few hours has come and gone so the best I can hope for now is a few days until things ease up.

Moving my head even a little puts me on a rollercoaster I didn’t board willingly. Getting up to go to the bathroom has me losing my lunch.

The bright side is I’ve got loads of time to read and I plan to take full advantage. Because one thing is for sure, I’m not able to leave my bedroom for a few days at least. If it does turn out to be six weeks, I’m officially cancelling my subscription to 2021.

Hopefully I’ll be able to at least sit up to write Wednesday’s review because I’ve read some pretty good books lately! If you need me I’ll be in bed, possibly on the phone to my husband in the next room asking for more tea.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

4 thoughts on “Off Sick For A Few Days”

    1. You get this all the time? Oh my goodness you’re a trooper! It runs in the family but I’m secretly hoping I’ll never get it again, I’m not prone to ear infections. Its crazy how you just have to cancel your life for a day for it! Thank you so much and I wish the same for you!

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      1. Some episodes are better than others but yeah. Thankfully I found a watch that helps. You can find it on Amazon. It is called the relief band. It sends electrical pulses up your arm to balance your equilibrium. So I wear it when I am traveling 🙂

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