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The Editing Process Has Begun

The next stage of completing a book in record time is the most time-consuming process: editing.

It sounds like a doddle before you start, especially if you have some confidence in your writing skills. Rest assured, by the time you’re finished editing, that confidence will be half the size, if not smaller. It’s the natural progression of things.

Editing involves going through your manuscript word for word and finding all the errors, just to send it to a beta-reader who tells you that there are actually loads you missed. Not to mention a plot hole or two. Is it possible to feel relieved they were caught and devastated that you missed so many issues?

But all in all, while it’s difficult and may just put you in a coma, editing is the catalyst for our evolution as writers. Forced to look at our work critically, you will question every sentence, every word, and every damn comma. It’s not fun, but we are better writers by the end of it.

Right now, I am halfway through the edits of Valkyrie Cursed and drip-feeding chapters to beta readers. In a few weeks time it will go off to a professional editor, which will free me up to start writing book two: Valkyrie Awakened. The plan is complete and the first 1,700 words written. This series is starting to snowball!

Sometimes it’s a little scary how fast this series is coming together. I’ve never had so much time to work on books before, and something that usually takes months is now taking a few short weeks. Fears of missing something or messing something up crop up now and again, but I’ll admit to feeling like I am riding the world’s best rollercoaster.

Even though I’ve planned, written and edited plenty of times, my new setup for creating and launching this series is new to me. Designed to maximise efficiency and quality control, it’s a whole new system and I’m both excited and terrified to hurtle through it.

Now that drafting is complete on Valkyrie Cursed, I can begin to look forward to putting the book up for pre-order. Naturally, the blurb is a big struggle but in a month’s time it should be ready to go. I can’t wait to finally make this book a reality!

Editing this week has been challenging thanks to my very first episode of vertigo. But all this time in bed has given me plenty of time to catch up on my reading and get a bit of a head start. Helped by the fact that the book I’m currently reading is a ridiculously good page turner.

Things are really coming along, despite the bumps in the road. A little over a month in to full-time authoring and I still don’t feel like a professional, but will I ever? Maybe it takes a few years or maybe it won’t ever happen at all. But I’m enjoying myself immensely, and I just don’t feel like it will ever matter.

I’ll make sure to point you in the direction of a pre-order for Valkyrie Cursed as soon as it’s available!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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