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3 Reasons Not To Rush Your Author Journey – The Anxious Author

Publishing a book is one of the most exciting things to do. We get pumped up, and it feels as though our energy will never run out. We could go on like this forever!

We’ve worked so hard, and it’s finally paid off, so we deserve to enjoy these feelings. Fist pump, jumping up and down, or running around the room screaming. Take your pick, and have a whale of a time.

The only downside to this buzz we get from publishing is that it can make us want to take things a step further, and right this very minute. We’ve already gotten this far, haven’t we? Why shouldn’t we go the extra mile, and really make something of our new status as published authors?

This has happened to me plenty of times. I’ve wanted to jump into advertising before I knew the first thing about it, and start producing merchandise even though I didn’t have a dedicated fan base yet. Hey, I was going to enjoy a snuggly hoodie with my logo on it, so why shouldn’t I get one?

But rushing too quickly into new ventures before we are ready to take the next steps can cause us problems we didn’t foresee. Here are three reasons we shouldn’t rush our author journeys:

We Have More To Learn

No matter how much we try, we’ll never know everything. But we still have a responsibility to understand if we know enough about our industry to take the next steps. Are our books selling? If not, why not and how can we fix it? If so, how do we scale up?

Progress is often a series of little steps rather than one large one. If we are thinking about making a large leap in our careers, for example, putting lots of money into advertising, we must know how we will make that a success. The big step is making our advertising successful. The small steps are gradually accumulating the knowledge we need to achieve this.

Excitement has a tendency to get us carried away, and unfortunately if we run before we can walk, we might take a few steps back before we take a step forwards.

We Might Spend Money Unnecessarily

Being an indie author isn’t cheap. We have to fund everything ourselves from covers to editing, and more when we really get the ball rolling. If I had invested in merchandise back when I published my first book (and I really wanted to), I would have wasted a lot of money.

I talked myself out of it, and shortly afterwards I learned more about branding and had a new logo done. What exactly was I going to do with the merchandise I already had with my old logo? My fan base isn’t nearly big enough for anyone to be interested in retro merch.

While it’s temping and deliciously self-indulgent, sometimes we need to press pause on the most exciting possible ventures until we have the audience to make the most of them.

Enjoy What We’ve Achieved So Far

Yes, we all went to get to the top instantly. Or at least, we think we do. If we rocketed to stardom overnight, in reality, we would be woefully underprepared and maybe even feel the sting of imposter syndrome.

Whatever we have achieved, we should enjoy it. The next milestone and the next bottle of champagne will come around eventually, but until then, enjoy what you have accomplished today. When we look back in a few years time, all those little things we did will feel like one big achievement. Look forward to it, but don’t wish it here sooner than it should come.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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