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Sequels Are Hard

Writing a series starter novel isn’t easy, but it’s fun. Yes, you have to make sure your grammar is correct, there aren’t any plot holes, and the side character you introduced in chapter three still has blonde hair in chapter seventeen. But it’s new, and exciting, and you can’t wait to show everyone.

Last week I mentioned Valkyrie Cursed had gone to the editors, which gave me all the time in the world to work on the plan for book three, and to write the sequel, Valkyrie Awakened. Oh boy, I had no idea how many more doubts I would have to smash to get started on book two, and they weren’t even the same doubts from book one!

Not only did I have to remember which details to keep consistent throughout book one, but now I must do the same for the remaining eight books. The human brain just isn’t big enough, so I dipped into my endless supply of unused notebooks to note down all the important details I will need to remember. Heck knows there will be seven more books of details to jot down after this one.

For this reason, getting the words down for Valkyrie Awakened has been a little more challenging. I’ve still met and sometimes exceeded by daily targets, but it’s taken me a bit longer. Concerns that this book wouldn’t be as good as the first, and the pressure that it would have to be at least as good, but preferably better, were tough hurdles to jump.

These would have been a lot harder to deal with if I couldn’t dedicate all my mental space to overcoming them. I experienced this trying to write the sequel to my book Scorpio’s Grace, but at the time I worked as an essential worker during a global pandemic. There was no mental space available to deal with the doubts. Not when all my energy was dedicated to dealing with customers screaming about the consistent lack of toilet paper on a daily basis.

So, writing Valkyrie Awakened without any other distractions has taken me to the next level of authoring, and an alien place I have never been, but can’t wait to explore. Having worked through these sequel-doubts, writing Valkyrie Awakened has become a little easier, but it makes me wonder what future books will hold. What will happen when I finish the series? Will I cry? I’ll probably cry.

Doubts are never fun, but now I have the capacity to deal with them when they crop up, they can be defeated. They are starting to feel like an inevitable part of the journey, but I’m no longer concerned with having to overcome them. Now, I can smile at them and tell them they’re going down.

Valkyrie Awakened will be finished by the end of March, which is the same time that Valkyrie Cursed will go up for pre-order. The release date for Valkyrie Cursed has been determined: we are a go on 30th June! It still feels like a long time, but I plan to rapid(ish) release a book every three months, so the more time I have to set up the series, the better. Once the timer starts on 30th June, my deadlines will be set in stone.

Whether it’s because I’m still a newbie or just really grateful (probably both), I’m still really enjoying writing books full time. My greatest hope is that I can finally turn this into a profession that will pay the bills. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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