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3 Time-Wasting Activities That Aren’t A Waste Of Time – The Anxious Author

Society appears to have solid definitions of what productivity and time-wasting are. Productivity is associated with hard work and visible acts of accomplishment. Time-wasting is loosely defined as anything you enjoy doing that has no value to others.

Productivity is a big deal these days. Side hustles are growing in popularity, breathing life into a dream that we can one day quit our jobs to earn a living on our own terms. It’s an incredibly seductive prospect.

With lives to live, bills to pay, and families to care for, productivity is a priority for most people. Even if we were to discount the fact that western society currently demands several jobs per person in a modern day family for survival, the more we do, the more accomplished we feel, right? Only, that’s not always the case. Burn-out is a thing, and it’s a productivity killer.

The things we do that are considered time-wasting activities, allow us the mental space and breathing room to collect ourselves. 100% productivity 24/7 is neither realistic, nor healthy. So, as recommendations for our down time, here are the most productive time-wasting activities we can do.


The best ideas aren’t always born from sitting down and thinking hard. Sometimes, the most inspired ideas come as a result of daydreaming. Even if you don’t get your next ground-breaking idea by daydreaming, it allows your mind to breathe. For a brief moment, you can indulge in hopes and dreams, maybe some cool, but absurd fan-fiction of your favourite franchise. Maybe you’re a superhero for five minutes.

Enjoyment fuels the fire that powers our productivity, and using our imagination to enjoy ourselves broadens our creativity. It’s a cycle of growth that is frequently overlooked, and it’s hard to understand why. Yes, daydreaming can distract us if we need to focus, but there’s no easier way to give our brains a break. And even if we don’t know it, it’s preparing us for some serious productivity.


How has talking with our friends about hobbies and nonsense become defined as a waste of time? If it isn’t obvious, this activity is also great for our mental health. Getting things off our chest and having a good rant with some sympathetic ears take the edge off stress, and gives us the strength to deal with said problems.

Who cares if there’s booze, TV and/or pyjamas involved? Positive interactions with other human beings is not only good for us, but an excellent way to relax. Relaxation now means productivity later. Even if whoever set you up with your twelve-hour shifts thinks differently.

Hobbies That Benefit No-One But You

Do I have to say it again? Hobbies are mental health candy. (I’m going to trademark that phrase, bear with me). Doing things for yourself, with nobody else in mind, is healthy. Hobbies are daydreaming and socialising 2.0 in the sense that they require a little brainpower and effort, but are still a few hours of vacation away from a day of labour, mental or physical.

Video games, sports, and all forms of art are often seen as indulgent things. Automatically, that makes them the portions of our lives that are unimportant enough to cut out if there is more “real” work to be done. But all work and no play puts us on the path to burnout, which makes hobbies the complete opposite of time-wasting.

Society needs to throw out some old habits and adopt some new ones. What better place to start than making our “time-wasting” activities a staple, rather than an indulgence.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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