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Reaching The Panic Stations Stage of Publishing

As a new author, almost everything to do with releasing a new book is exciting. The rest feels an awful lot like panic.

I have officially reached the panic stage of publishing Valkyrie Cursed. Triggered, in no small way, by receiving the edits of the book back from my editor. When the manuscript was out of sight, and I knew it was getting dealt with by someone else, I could relax a little. Nothing was required of me but to carry on writing the sequel and planning the next. Which I had already spent all my time doing in January, just one book behind. This was the work I knew, and it made me feel comfortable and safe.

Going over the edits doesn’t worry me. Again, the writing process is where I’m comfortable. But, the prospect of physically pressing the “publish” button has me freaking out whenever I think about it. I’m not sure why, because I’ve done this four times before and all the books turned out well formatted and several people enjoyed them. But for the inevitable, errant one-star review that has everyone doubting their worth as authors, nothing went wrong. At this point, any and all panic feels irrational.

My guess is, seasoned authors don’t have this issue. They have pressed “publish” more times than they can count and it’s second nature to them. Maybe I’m wrong and those feelings never go away. Maybe it’s all part of the job!

The idea of publishing Valkyrie Cursed is really exciting, don’t get me wrong. But the pressure of producing a high-quality product is real. Especially when you can comb through a manuscript over a hundred times and still miss a typo. Murphy’s Law loves authors. It feeds off us, leech-style.

Really, all this pressure comes from the need to be perfect. Which is of course, highly impossible. But this pressure serves its purpose. By making us want to produce a perfect book, we put our backs into making it as awesome as possible. Which I promise to do with Valkyrie Cursed!

Given a little while to acclimatise, all these feelings will dull down and hopefully, disappear. (There’s wishful thinking). And while it isn’t exactly comfortable to freak out, it’s part of the process and I wouldn’t substitute the experience for anything.

So, time to knuckle down and finish book two, Valkyrie Awakened, get book three planned and of course, get started on those Valkyrie Cursed edits!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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