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No Matter What You Do, Dream Jobs Are Hard Work

I mean, I knew this when I first started. I wasn’t under the impression that life would magically become stress-free when I started authoring full-time. Not only did every author I spoke to confirm it, but the sheer amount of work involved suggested sleepless nights were on the table.

This is my first time putting together a series with quick release, let alone a series that’s nine books long. There are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes, get overwhelmed, and end up curled up under your desk frantically eating chocolate buttons.

With the date for pre-orders on my first, second and third books in The Rogue Valkyrie Series looming, the pressure is starting to mount. This week’s crisis revolves mostly around book two, and whether or not it’ll be as good as book one. The perfectionist in me is working overtime, and still doesn’t feel like she’s even getting close.

Somehow, I am absolutely loving this chaos. It means I’m in the thick of it. Working hard, needing (at least) three extra pairs of arms, or ideally a second me who can deal with the stuff I don’t want to do, like blurb writing.

March 30th is when the beat drops. When pre-orders go up and the race is on to get everything finished as planned. I both want it to be now, and to be another three months away.

Despite the nerves, everything is going well at the moment. Edits are almost finished on Valkyrie Cursed, which means it’ll soon be off for proofreading and formatting. Valkyrie Awakened is over halfway finished, and book three has an ending. Hallelujah!

This experience of having so much to do, while also being in charge of it all, is a crazy but fantastic experience. In all my past jobs, I never wanted to be a manager, but having complete autonomy and the possibility of experimentation without any red tape, is wonderful. But while I’m walking a tightrope of my own design, sometimes it feels as though I can’t see the safety net below!

While it’s a strange thing to experience, I’m loving this element of risk and the necessity for self-motivation. Even though I feel like I barely know what I’m doing, the prospect of learning through this experience is exciting.

So, when can we see Valkyrie Cursed up for pre-order? I’m aiming for March 30th, three months before the release date of June 30th. I may have already mentioned that these books will be rapid(ish) released, so there won’t be long to wait until Valkyrie Awakened is also available.

As soon as pre-orders are up, I’ll be posting all about it, so keep your eyes peeled for news!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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