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What’s on the reading pile – The Collision

About eighteen months ago, I became significantly more picky about which review requests I accepted from authors. Some book bloggers refuse to read indie books, and most of us have genre specifications. But these days I tend to look a little deeper than beyond cover and blurb.

After clashing with an author who requested an honest review and didn’t like the one I gave them, they decided to lower the ratings on my books on Goodreads. Now, it’s more than just about the book; an acceptance depends on how the author presents themselves. Obviously, my research is nothing more than a cursory glance at social media. But if an author makes a habit of arguing with other people for the fun of it, it’s going to a no from me.

I’m actually grateful for the experience of clashing with this particular author because it made me much more wary. Recently, I haven’t been accepting many authors because their books don’t fall into the genres I read. But a few weeks ago I was contacted by an author who ticked all the boxes.

Lia fought monsters for a living. Not all monsters were made equal, nor did they all come alone.

The city’s power brought nothing but non-stop chaos, adding in a meteorite didn’t help.
Even with her team, maybe that was a bit too much. Was there a better option than to fight till death?
She had been confident in her magic, but… well, maybe she wasn’t sure after all. Was she really cut out to protect the city?

She could spend her time thinking, she could spend time getting scared.
The claws and the fangs weren’t waiting.
The lives couldn’t wait.

The monsters were in the city, what would Lia do?

Lia wasn’t expecting to meet another magician in the city, not to mention someone with… a different kind of magic. Adrian offered her help, but what was he about? The team leader probably shouldn’t know of his existence, those were his words. Who knew what would happen if the leader found out she was working with Adrian?

He seemed to be hiding something. No help was free, right?

* * *

While I love all fantasy, urban fantasy will always be my go-to sub-genre. Seeing a cover with a sassy young lady wielding magic on the front is always going to pique my interest.

I still have several books to read through before I get to this one, but I’m looking forward to seeing what The Collision is all about.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

2 thoughts on “What’s on the reading pile – The Collision”

    1. Indie authors really create some incredible books! And they have such a different atmosphere to trad published books. I’m like you, focus on indie but enjoy some stellar trad books every so often 😀


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