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Wake The Dead – Book Review

Title: Wake the Dead

Author: Laura Greenwood

Genre: Urban fantasy

Rating: Four stars

“Can she face her fears and lead her people?

The last thing Cissy wants is a position of power. She’s seen what it does to people and has been the victim of it. But with the necromancers in disarray, all eyes are on her to do just that.

Finally giving in, she sets about bringing her people back into order. Except that there’s a problem. Reanimated bodies have been turning up, and nothing good can come of it. Can she get to the bottom of it before it’s too late?”

* * *

My Review – **spoilers**

This book has a great set up. There’s a whole bunch of the protagonist’s history that I really want to read, and I’m not sure if there are books that exist yet that goes into it. A protagonist with a traumatic past, the rebuilding of a magical necromancer council and the return of a villain thought long dead.

Narcissa, who prefers to be known as Cissy, has been requested to found and set up a brand new necromancer’s council. The last council was corrupt and ended in violence and death, and Cissy’s experience with them wasn’t exactly sunshine and daisies. So, she is naturally reluctant to form a new council, especially with Darius, her new fated mate.

Concerned that Darius wouldn’t be able to handle her traumatic past and everything that comes with it, Cissy initially tries to push him away. But Darius’ understanding and sweet demeanour is too much to resist for her.

When zombies start showing up, Cissy is reminded of her old abuser Alvin and his wicked tendencies. With Darius at her side, Cissy embarks on an investigation to find out who is raising the dead and stop them.

Laura Greenwood’s books always get right into the heads of her protagonists and that’s something I really love reading. Cissy is a great character, who takes on the huge responsibility of forming a council despite her history with the previous one. Not to mention that she is still prepared to dive head first into a zombie investigation regardless of her past traumatic experiences with them. But while she is strong and powers through, her vulnerability and doubts are clearly visible to the reader, and this is what makes her such a likeable character.

This book is well written, and does really well at fleshing out characters and the past events prior to the book beginning without lots of dry exposition.

My main gripe with this book is that there isn’t a lot of action or suspense, and the ending is easily resolved. While Cissy does have to overcome an emotional hurdle to win in the end, the drama is wound up without much suspense. The bad guy, in the end, turns out to be an unidentified, old henchman of Alvin’s, who Cissy barely remembers and whose appearance and capture feels quite inconsequential.

I still enjoyed reading Wake the Dead. It’s a short book and while I got invested in the characters fairly quickly, I needed a little longer to get invested in the plot, so it wasn’t much bother when the climax wasn’t as impactful as it could have been.

Wake the Dead is available on Amazon at this link, if you’d like to give it a read for yourself.

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