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3 Items Authors Should Hoard Guilt-Free – The Anxious Author

Authors have a stereotype. To the rest of the world, authors are seriously coffee drinkers who work into the wee hours, fast tracking themselves to osteoporosis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Only authors will know whether or not this is a true representation of the career. (It is.)

Because so many authors tend to curl up somewhere to write their next book, they end up being quite private people. Few people other than those who know authors very well, and perhaps live with them, know their true habits.

For all their strategic thinking while creating plots, and creative problem solving when writing in character arcs, authors have some truly illogical habits. That is to say, many authors are uncontrollable hoarders of very specific items. Items that fill up all the bookcases, spare rooms and attic space, and get them into trouble with their roommates and significant others.

Oh yes, many authors are hoarders of shiny, beautiful, and sentimental things. Maybe we have a bit of a problem, but I’m here to tell you that there are a few items that authors should be able to hoard without any guilt whatsoever:


How are authors expected to document all the amazing ideas they dream up in their sleep? Turning on our phones to type it out in a digital document is going to keep us up all night. Backlights are terrible for good sleep patterns.

We need notebooks, and not just because they are pretty, and we love them, although that’s a good reason in and of itself. If we don’t have a spare one to get our ideas down, that’s our next masterpiece out the window. So, let the author in your life have their notebook stash. Maybe somewhere in those tattered pages, there is a bestselling idea.


Do you know how hard it is to find the perfect pen? It’s next to impossible. The act of writing is impacted hugely by how well a pen writes. Every author has their preference, which is why finding the perfect one is so difficult.

Our search for the best pen will mean trying out many different kinds, and if we go on enough of a spending spree, we may accumulate a backlog of pens we need to experiment with. If this results in mountains of pens, so be it, we’re on a mission!

Character Art

Admittedly, these are particularly expensive to collect, because good art means a good pay day. But authors dream their characters up in their heads daily, whether it’s to create them, or to fabricate a story for them to follow. It’s natural that we get attached to them. While putting their adventures into words is one of the best ways to bring them to life, there’s nothing quite like seeing an artist’s imagining of them.

When the walls are full of framed pictures of characters that only exist in books, don’t nag your author to take them down. Buy them an art gallery, then you might stand a chance at getting your grandma’s pictures back above the mantelpiece.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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