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The Witch of Selvenor – Book Review

Title: The Witch of Selvenor

Author: Brooke J. Losee

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: Four stars

“Darkness has shrouded the kingdom of Selvenor. The witch, Eradoma, and her monstrous army have laid siege on the land and the people are suffering. Prince Anaros and Zynnera set out to find a way to end Eradoma’s reign, only to discover their last hope is no longer alive. But Zynnera holds a secret, one that just might help them on their path to defeating the evil that threatens her people, but only if she is brave enough to use it.”

* * *

My Review

Three words sum up this book the best: great plot twists.

Twenty years after the evil witch Eradoma conquered Selvenor with her magic, and locked away Prince Anaros for eternity, Zynnera is trying to help the people of the kingdom. Stealing food and distributing it to the destitute is all she can do, but she takes her responsibility seriously.

When she is caught and thrown into the dungeons, she meets Prince Anaros, who hasn’t aged a day in twenty years, thanks to Eradoma cursing him with immortality. After breaking out of the dungeons, Zynnera is forced to flee the palace and the city with Prince Anaros. Turning to what few rebels are left out in the wilderness, Prince Anaros and Zynnera learn more about what drove Eradoma to such devastation, and what they can do to stop her.

Zynnera and Anaros are really likeable characters with flaws that really hinder their progress at times. They are well-developed, compelling characters with great chemistry, and they are strong protagonists to drive this series forwards.

The whole concept of magic being a rarity in this fantasy world is a fairly unique one. While there tends to be a divide in most fantasy worlds in which magic practitioners are on one side, and mortals on the other, most characters in this world are completely non-magical. In fact, magic is so rare, that anyone who reveals themselves to be magical bear the threat of being demonised. It’s quite a unique concept, which shares parallels with our own timeline and history of witch burning.

The plot was well paced, with no dull moments. The story was well-written, but for some modern jargon which pulled me out of immersion a little. The antagonists were truly loathe-worthy, and the Vlenargans were terrifying magical creatures. Read this one during the day if you get scared!

Two things that could stand to change are the beginning, and a part of the end. The book launches into exposition in the form of an old tale straight off the bat, which takes up a whole chapter. While it’s relevant to the story, it doesn’t have any context immediately upon reading the book. It is a great tale though!

Secondly, Zynnera wins a little too easily against Eradoma. The stakes are high, but there isn’t a lot of struggle for her, and considering that Eradoma is an immortal witch, I would have expected more hurdles for her.

All in all, the plot twists were amazing and unexpected, the story was well-written and enjoyable to read, and the characters really made this story – they were epic!

Fantasy lovers should give this one a read, so here’s the link if you’d like to check it out for yourself.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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