The Anxious Author

Happy Easter From The Secret Library!

The Secret Library household isn’t religious, but we do enjoy a few days to relax and giant chocolate eggs. What better way to celebrate the start of spring?

I’m taking a break from being an Anxious Author today (if that’s possible) to relax with my husband. I will, of course, be worrying endlessly about weeks to come, and the upcoming launch of The Rogue Valkyrie Series. Some of the fretting I do this weekend will no doubt end up in an Anxious Author post next Sunday, so stay tuned!

I hope that wherever you are, and whether you celebrate or not, you will enjoy your weekend. As the weather gets better, and winter finally melts away, maybe we can feel more positive and less anxious about our immediate futures. Despite the challenges this year will no doubt present us, here’s to marching on with a sense of purpose, and hopes for a new future.

In other words, have a Happy Easter and take care of yourselves!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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