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Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault – Book Review

Title: Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault

Author: Candace Robinson

Genre: Magic realism/Fairytale

Rating: Three stars

“A girl without answers. A boy who wants to help her. A mysterious museum that some see… And some don’t…

Perrie Madeline is a normal girl living in a normal world. Her only concern is deciding whether or not to let herself fully fall for August Hartley after her past relationship failed miserably. That is, until a strange museum, known as Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault, appears overnight and people around her begin to go missing.

To uncover what hidden secrets the Glass Vault may behold, Perrie then embarks on a pursuit with August. They soon realize, not everything is as it seems. While stumbling through the museum’s obscure collection, Perrie and August must find their way out before discovering what may truly not be for the faint of heart.”

* * *

My Review – * big spoilers *

I don’t often include spoilers in my reviews but if I’m going to get my thoughts across properly, I need to ruin a few big surprises that come at the end of the book. If you’d rather read the book for yourself and avoid any spoilers, it’d be best to skip this review.

Perrie Madeline goes about her normal high school life with her best friends Maisie and August, while trying to avoid talking to her ex-boyfriend Neven, who cheated on her almost a year prior, or so she believes. Perrie celebrates her eighteenth birthday, when a mysterious building appears in town apparently out of nowhere, with a sign that says “Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault”.

When Maisie gets a job at the vault and goes missing – much like several other people in the area over the past few months – Perrie and August are determined to find her. They go to the vault in search of Maisie and find depictions of several fairytales displayed within. They find themselves sucked into the fairytales, forced to play them out and escape to the next exhibit so that they might find their way out of the vault, and find Maisie and Neven who are already trapped inside.

Not all of the situations Perrie and August encounter are fairytales. While they encounter the worlds of Snow White, Sleepy Hollow, and Rapunzel, they also end up in the world of Jack the Ripper. I enjoyed their adventures through the different worlds; they were action-packed, suspenseful, and full of small twists. The writing isn’t especially good, but the story is enjoyable enough to overlook some of the issues, which include prostitutes from Victorian England using modern day, American lingo.

The problems started at the end of the book, which had been fairly enjoyable up to that point. After Perrie and August sleep together – after having just gone through an entire book of dark shenanigans – August reveals himself to be Quinsey Wolfe, the bad guy. This really annoyed me, because I had just spent the whole book getting attached to Perrie and August, only for him to actually be the antagonist. Now I have to hate him, despite having grown to love him as a character.

The book ends with August/Quinsey Wolfe cutting Perrie’s throat and killing her, reanimating her as a “Frankenstein’s bride”. So to conclude, one of the two characters I have grown attached to while reading this book is actually evil, and the other one is dead and under his control. Fan-freaking-tastic. It’s bad enough that the book ends on a cliff-hanger without having any characters to root for, now.

This book is book one in a duology, so I can only imagine that there is some resolution in book two. But having been left with zero resolution at the end of this book, and the bitter taste of having emotional ties with the characters severed, it’s hard to want to read it. Not going to lie, I’m a little bit heart-broken.

If you’d like to read Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault for yourself, here’s the Amazon link.

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