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Updates On “The Rogue Valkyrie Series”

Progress on my upcoming urban fantasy romance series, “The Rogue Valkyrie” series, has made a huge leap this past week. There have been a few slow weeks lately during which progress felt slow, and feedback had stalled on the first book, Valkyrie Cursed, from ARC readers. As ever, everything happened at once this week.

On Monday, I finished the plan for the third book in the series, Valkyrie Unleashed, and by Tuesday, I had written the first 1,000 words. I didn’t plan on starting quite so soon, but edits for book two, Valkyrie Awakened, are coming along so well that I found a spare hour to make it happen. Next week, Valkyrie Awakened goes off to the editor, and I can focus on writing Valkyrie Unleashed while beginning plans on book four in the series.

Excitement is an understatement, here. I may have mentioned before that I’ve never published a sequel to any of my books, so to have book two in editing and book three in drafting is mind-blowing. The timeline of release still isn’t quite clear to me, but I do know that book two will release shortly after book one, and the entire nine-book series will have finished by early 2023. It sounds ages away, but I’ll bet it’ll be here virtually tomorrow!

Earlier this week and late last week, I also started receiving ARC reader reviews for Valkyrie Cursed. I’m working my butt off to get as many reviews for the book before release day, and to see these first few reviews come in ahead of schedule is just wonderful.

So far, the feedback has been amazing: plenty of five star reviews, plus a good number of ARC readers have asked to be notified for book two. Was not expecting this at all, and I’m incredibly flattered for readers to have an ongoing interest in the series before it’s even technically launched. I’m truly grateful and awed by this!

In the first few weeks of April, I struggled with the stress of getting paperback version of Valkyrie Cursed ready, and it really dragged me down. I wondered if that was how things were going to be from then on, and if I would end up in a whirlpool of worry and inadequacy for the duration of the series. Turns out, this business has its ups and downs just like all the others.

Although I started out so excited to make writing books a career, I was aware that this journey wouldn’t be all sunshine and daisies. But knowing that there will be hard times is different from experiencing them, especially as this was my first time really committing to this industry on a full-time basis. That rough patch was part of the process, and luckily, a temporary one.

Now I’ve been both on top of the world and down in the dumps in this first five months of full-time authoring, I’ve found a great medium. I can appreciate achievements without getting over-excited and losing focus, and I can appraise the hurdles without letting them sink me. One day, who knows when, I’m sure I’ll temporarily lose this balance again, but that’s inevitable.

Currently in a moment in which I’m truly enjoying this journey and feeling somewhat accomplished, I’m trundling along nicely. Hopefully, this means getting plenty done, meeting the deadlines, and continuing to hack away at this mountain I’ve decided to scale. Exciting times are ahead, and thankfully, some darker ones are now behind me.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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