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What’s on the reading pile – Undead Men Tell No Tales

I’ve been on a pirate kick lately on account of re-watching The Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The first three are always winners, even if the spin-off movies weren’t all that great. For me, that franchise really fell off a cliff the moment Jack Sparrow started screaming at every unfortunate thing that happened to him. That’s just not the Jack I remember and love.

While also gearing up to watch some cool pirate documentaries on Netflix, I’m also turning my attention to pirate books. Specifically, pirate books with magic in them:

Even the craftiest pirate can’t outrun the curse of the sea witch.

Known on the high seas as the Fog Queen, Morianna Swift never imagined her life as a pirate. But after her father and brother’s deaths, she has no choice; she’ll be damned if she’ll stand by and watch as the family fortune is taken by the murderous thieves at the East India Company. While fleeing her previous life as a high-born lady, Morianna is cursed with a powerful hex that imprisons her forever upon the waves.

Unable to master the magic to free herself, Morianna seeks the one being powerful enough to remedy her curse. Everyone knows that a deal with the sea witch seals your fate as sure as succumbing to the siren’s song, but Morianna rolls the bones anyway and puts her fate in the hands of the sorceress. Locked in an unbreakable promise that threatens not only her soul, but the souls of those she loves, Morianna refuses to accept that there’s no way out.

All of this while the East India Company continues their quest to dominate the ports, the city, and the sea—at all costs. Caught in the current of two opposing forces, Morianna finds herself in the middle of a maelstrom that threatens to destroy everything she’s fought so hard to protect.

She’s never relied on fair winds or following seas; the Fog Queen makes her own luck.

* * *

This genre hasn’t had its time in the limelight and personally, I feel that’s a huge shame. But this new release by Corrine O’Flynn has got me wanting to re-visit the genre and read the heck out of it. This book looks amazing!

There’s a whole bunch of elements to pirate fantasy that you just can’t get in other genres: the gritty majesty of life on the high seas, the villainous antagonists, the proliferation of anti-heroes, and of course pirate politics. It’s a whole other world from the era that it’s set in, and it’s an exciting bubble to be able to peek inside of.

Maybe this is the start of a new phase and you’re about to see all pirate-themed fantasy books for a while. In fact, it’s almost a certainty. I really want to go diving head-first into this genre and see which new indie authors I can find.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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