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The Routine End-Of-The-Month Panic

Typically, as an Anxious Author, panic regularly crops up and usually for no good reason. If there’s nothing to feel anxious about, my brain will find something and go to town on it. But lately, I’ve had many more reasons to panic.

When I worked in retail, the only thing I needed to worry about was customers and management. I could do my job no problem, so I just had to get on with things. My responsibilities extended to my job description and they didn’t require any additional thought, especially not on the days when customers did their best to get under my skin. Never underestimate the determination of a bored 50-something who hasn’t had their fix of belittling someone yet.

Now I’m in control of everything I do and the consequences of the same, there’s a much bigger mental load involved in day to day life. I’m not complaining, I absolutely love this, but my brain has decided to segment the year into months, just so it knows when to freak out about deadlines and new goals.

April’s almost over and a lot has been completed, but with only two months left until the release of Valkyrie Cursed, there’s still a lot to do. Book two in the series is with the editor and will be straight-up finished before Valkyrie Cursed even hits the shelves. As we speak, 10% of book three has been completed, and the goal is to finish this by the first week of June. Got to stay on this schedule.

Maybe I’ve said this before, but I’ve never written books this quickly, and perhaps that’s what contributes to this underlying sense of panic at the end of every month. This whole project is a rollercoaster I’ve decided to ride of my own free will, but I have zero idea where or how fast it’s going. All I know is, I’m moving forward every day.

I hope that when this series finally launches, I’ll have a little more to talk about other than the progress I’m making behind the scenes. For readers, it’s not exactly thrilling stuff. For the authors, it’s all incremental achievements that make us feel low-key good some days and freaking ecstatic during others.

I’m lucky that this past week I’ve had the support of a few new readers to subdue the panic stations. The advanced readers for Valkyrie Cursed appear to be enjoying the book, and it’s already got a handful of five-star reviews to its name. This is hugely encouraging for the upcoming release, and puts my mind at ease that this book at least isn’t awful by a few people’s standards!

I’m grateful for the support the reading community has granted me lately, and I hope to continue entertaining with the rest of the series. All I’ve got to do is write the darn thing, right?

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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