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What’s on the reading pile – Shadow Touched

I’ve been reading in the same vein lately, which is to say urban fantasy romance with the occasional fantasy book peppered in. I want to branch out to reading books that aren’t in the tropes I typically enjoy, particularly to LGBTQ+ characters in urban fantasy books.

When I looked through Amazon to see if there was a LGBTQ+ category for fantasy, I was actually kinda shocked to find out there wasn’t…yet. I’m holding out hope that as LGBTQ+ fiction gains traction in the next ten years (tentative prediction on my part), that more categories will eventually appear.

Ten years ago, reading about a young woman going on an epic magical adventure was still a new concept to me. Male protagonists had dominated my reading experience for as long as I could remember, and now the straight, white female protagonist is doing the same. Different stories are out there, and I want to read them. I just wish Amazon would shove them in my face a little more when I’m scrolling through looking for a new read.

While I go on the hunt for books outside my usual sphere, I do have a really cool book that’s IN my usual sphere that I can’t wait to get stuck into:

Some truths are best kept in the shadows . . .

At nearly eighteen, I’m months away from escaping my aunt’s secrets and lies. Except, I’m harboring a big secret of my own. 

A red-eyed man cloaked in shadow has been stalking me at night. 

I wanted Rosewood, Maine to be my final destination before college. My chance at normalcy. But strange, unexplainable things are threatening to derail my plans.

The red-eyed man followed me here, and he’s not the only one. Two hot guys transfer to my new high school right after I do. They track my every move, especially the aloof and mysterious Lochlan D’angelo. 

As I’m sucked into a dangerous world embroiled in secrets, I start to question everything I’ve ever known. Including who I am.”

* * *

Supernaturals who don’t know they’re supernaturals is one of my favourite tropes, alongside getting transported to a fantasy world from our own, and the true potential of a protagonist being revealed (after having been considered less than by society). Escapism and self-discovery tropes at their finest.

I’m interested to see where this mystery of the red-eyed man leads, and something tells me it’ll be a journey of self-discovery.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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