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Shadow Touched – Book Review

Title: Shadow Touched

Author: Becky Moynihan

Genre: Urban fantasy

Rating: Four stars

Some truths are best kept in the shadows . . .

At nearly eighteen, I’m months away from escaping my aunt’s secrets and lies. Except, I’m harboring a big secret of my own. 

A red-eyed man cloaked in shadow has been stalking me at night. 

I wanted Rosewood, Maine to be my final destination before college. My chance at normalcy. But strange, unexplainable things are threatening to derail my plans.

The red-eyed man followed me here, and he’s not the only one. Two hot guys transfer to my new high school right after I do. They track my every move, especially the aloof and mysterious Lochlan D’angelo. 

As I’m sucked into a dangerous world embroiled in secrets, I start to question everything I’ve ever known. Including who I am.”

* * *

My Review

I’m a sucker (pun intended) for vampire romances, so much so that I’ve written one and planned eight more books in the series. Shadow Touched reminded me of a less angsty Twilight with more action. Plus, the world is more elaborate and the stakes a great deal higher.

McKenna has moved all around the country with her Aunt Tess, who seems to move them at the slightest inconvenience. But now in her last few months of childhood, McKenna’s eighteenth birthday is approaching and she can’t wait to finally gain her independence and settle down somewhere, so that she might make some friends.

Just as she starts to make friends at her new school, three hot guys start showing interest her, including the two new guys, Kade and Lochlan. Warning her to the dangerous they pose, Reid, Kade and Lochlan try to steer McKenna away from a danger she isn’t aware of, but she wants to find out.

After alleged animal attacks happen in the woods around Rosewood, McKenna’s suspicions are raised. Before long, she discovers that vampires and werewolves are not only real, but Kade and Lochlan are vampires. After believing he accidentally turned McKenna into a werewolf, Reid tries to incorporate her into his pack, but it soon transpires that McKenna is a Syphon: a witch who can absorb the magic of supernaturals with just a touch.

Unable to touch each other, yet spiralling into intense feelings for each other, McKenna and Lochlan struggle with being in such a close proximity. When Everett, an antagonistic vampire, comes to town, he plans to kill McKenna, just like all the other Syphons that came before her.

This book was a fun read, and so full of mystery that predicting the story was impossible. The heat between McKenna and Lochlan is insane, and the book ends on such a plot twist that opens up the magical world far more than anticipated. You’re going to really want to read book two when you get to the end of this one.

McKenna’s unusual witchy abilities was a real breath of fresh air in an otherwise samey genre, especially as she has no idea how to wield it or the significance of her powers in the magical world. It promises a lot more drama and conflict in the rest of the series and that McKenna will be in over her head for much of it.

Really enjoyable read, though it slowed down in a few places, and definitely worth continuing the series. If you want to read Shadow Touched for yourself, here’s the Amazon link.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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