Diverse Sci-Fi & Fantasy Giveaway

One day, in an ideal world, there will be no such thing as diverse books, movies, giveaways etc. Because one day, in the distant future, media will no longer be a predominantly white space. One day, having a black protagonist in a book won’t be shouted down as “political” by red-faced zealots who have barely read a book in their lives.

My personal rule as a white, female author is to have a diverse cast in my books while keeping my protagonists white. Because what do I know about racial prejudice and the hurdles they create in society? Zilch. Even the time someone yelled at me to “go home and learn English” at my retail job because they thought I was Polish. Although, I’m not against popping back to Worcester to do a masters degree in English Lit. Hell, maybe I’ll do it one day.

On to our giveaway:

Prizes in this giveaway include a collection of popular books with diverse casts, a Children of Blood and Bone pillow, a Shuri travel mug, a Six of Crows Jesper candle, a Firefly Zoe magnet, a kitsune enamel pin, and a Warcross tote bag.

All these prizes are going to one lucky winner who enters the giveaway at this link. Don’t forget to enter several times if you’d like to, it’ll give you a better chance of winning! All the details are on the website where the giveaway is hosted, so make sure you know how to maximise your chances if you want to get your hands on this bundle.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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