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What’s On The Reading Pile – Magic Dancer Academy

I’m going to start off by saying that I have zero idea what this book is about, although the title is fairly self-explanatory. It goes to show that I’ve never read anything like this book before. Magic spy academy? Yup, been there. Regular magic academy? Every chance I get. Magical prison academy? Ideally not, but you know, it sounds interesting.

Magic Dancer Academy makes me wonder where the drama is going to feature. I’m picturing dance contests and maybe some spells gone awry, maybe a combination of the two? This book is truly an enigma when I look at it and try to figure out what’s going to happen. Maybe the blurb has some clues!

If you think being a dancer is hard, try dealing with an ancient curse.

Since the day my magic manifested while I was dancing, I’ve spent every moment training to become a royal court dancer. When I got accepted into Starbright, the Academy for Magical Dancers, I knew I was one step closer to my dream. All I need now is the perfect partner to make my magic stronger.

Who knew it’d be Viktor, my worst enemy.

I can’t stand him, but our instructor is forcing us to dance together. If I want to become a powerful mage, I have no choice but to be in his arms.

Except I’ve got bigger problems than a guy who hates my guts. I’m the victim of a forbidden curse, and if anyone discovers it, I’ll be expelled from the academy…

Or worse, imprisoned.”

* * *

Interesting premise! The cover was definitely what caught my eye and at sale price, I figured I’d take a gamble on it. I’m by no means a dancer-y person, more of a trip-over-my-own-feet type, so it’s going to be interesting to read

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