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The Art Of Distraction

Whether you’re a part-time or a full-time author, distraction is a near-constant issue. Social media in particular, which is fantastic at connecting indie authors and readers and requires a bit of participation on the author’s side. But the kitten videos you’ll see while just trying to update your status are often too tempting to resist.

While trying to author it up this week, a lot of home-related things have distracted me along with the usual. The last five months of author-ing has taught me a lot about prioritising different things at different times, whether it’s work, mental health, or the home situations that crop up. This week, I’ve had to cover all the essential bases of my business and leave the grinding for another time.

I don’t enjoy doing this, because in some way it feels as though I’m falling behind in the grand scheme, but after some reflection, I’ve decided this isn’t true. Unexpected things are going to come up and interrupt our routines, and it’s our ability to make room for them that will make us more productive.

That’s my goal this week, and probably next week, to deal with the unanticipated things, which always happen at once. With any luck, some mental space will free up to go full speed ahead, as usual. Although, I could really do with a holiday!

Life could always be easier, but I find it’s not only a test but a development of character to experience these hurdles. In theory, wouldn’t it be great to have a life that ran smoothly? I’m not sure about that. How else could you appreciate how well things are going without a few bumps in the road?

Luckily, this shake-up isn’t going to affect the release of Valkyrie Cursed and with the sequel, Valkyrie Awakened, with the editor, the first two books in the series are still on track. Book three may have a few setbacks for the time being, but I still expect to release it on time in November. This first push to get the first two books out will hopefully be the fastest I need to work to release them, but it’s always nice to have a head start.

All in all, author life is still much, much better than working in retail. On the harder days, I remind myself of the rude customers and the angry managers, and remember that this will always be what I want, even if some days are harder than others.

It’s hard to believe that there’s still a month and a half until Valkyrie Cursed officially hits the shelves, and it feels like that time is going to fly by. Roll on release week!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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