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3 Ways To Celebrate Yourself Without Fanfare – The Anxious Author

Maybe not all Anxious Authors are like this, but I both enjoy and loathe celebrating my achievements. While a part of me knows I deserve to celebrate on some level, another part of me feels as though it’s undeserved. Yes, imposter syndrome again. Truly, it doesn’t matter how big an achievement we’re talking, there will always be some doubt.

While some achievements call for fanfare and sharing with everyone in sight, sometimes we need our celebrations to be just low-key enough that we can really enjoy them. For anyone who can celebrate and know they deserve it, I both applaud you and envy you, but know I am happy that you can truly enjoy your achievements guilt-free.

For those of us working up to one day celebrating without the little voice in our heads telling us we don’t deserve it, some low-key rewards are a great way to give ourselves the kudos we deserve. Until we learn to really splash out and give ourselves full credit for things!

This list is for people like me, who could barely give themselves permission to pat themselves on the back if they managed to cure cancer.

Treat Yourself

A donut, a cookie, a three course meal, or all three at the same time. Whatever you’re celebrating, give yourself access to something you kept off limits before. It’s the most secret way to reward ourselves for something we’ve achieved.

While it sounds like a trivial way to celebrate anything, sometimes a small reward can help us fend off imposter syndrome by not over-stating our success, even to ourselves. Because this isn’t really about how much we deserve to celebrate, but how much we can teach ourselves to celebrate without feeling bad about doing so.

Veg Day

Even when we were kids on summer holiday, we couldn’t have “veg days” like we can as adults and vegetate on the sofa with no responsibilities. Now we’re considered old enough to make our own choices, we can eat what we like, drink what we like, and work when we like (within reason). If we want to curl up under a blanket and read, play video games and munch crisps, we can, we just don’t very often.

Sometimes celebrating means doing zilch. Turning off our phones, cranking up the TV volume, and falling asleep covered in candy wrappers. Nobody will even know we’re celebrating, although the neighbours might knock on the door to see if we’re still alive.

Shortening Your Wishlist

Retail therapy is a temporary cure for feeling down, but it also treats imposter syndrome. Another rewards-based celebration, really shouldn’t we be conditioning ourselves to feel good about what we’ve achieved? If buying a dress, video game, or fandom poster we’ve been holding out on forever gets us the slightest bit closer to feeling deserving, we owe it to ourselves to do it every time.

Let’s get ourselves some packages we’ll be running to the door for in a few days time, and enjoy that feel-good sensation of having earned it.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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