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When Your Authoring Plans Fall Off A Cliff

Pretty sure “authoring” is a made up word, but in this instance, it means reading and writing. Last week I thought all the unexpected occurrences cropping up to distract me would at least slow down, but the universe responded with a resounding “no” on that score. Naturally, my opportunities to read have been non-existent, and keeping to my writing schedule was challenging.

In the last six months, life has been incredibly kind to me, and I’m super grateful to have had it so good up to this point. The rough patches are an inevitable part of the journey and I’m content to weather them, especially after so much good luck and happiness. This week, “weathering” has included pouring in the effort to tread water rather than make progress.

When all schedules and plans are thrown up into the air, it actually provides a great opportunity to look at where you want them all to land. What was a great setup before might not work so well now, or better yet, this shake-up has made you realise there is a more efficient way of working.

I’ve been authoring full-time for coming up to six months and I am still deep in the learning stages. Time management and prioritising tasks are skills my last job honed well, what with the never-ending and cyclical incoming of customers and tasks, all to be dealt with in extremely narrow slivers of time. But I’m not only a worker bee now, I’m that and manager combined, and with only one employee to work with, the dynamic in my current line of work is worlds away from my last one.

This week has taught me that I still need schedules, but flexibility is important. While I’ve had to pause writing Valkyrie Unleashed, book three in my upcoming series, the unexpected life bumps and preparing book one, Valkyrie Cursed, for release have taken priority. This panicked me a little in the beginning, until I remembered that Valkyrie Unleashed is coming out in November. There is apparently no such thing as “too early” in my book – pun unintended but totally going to roll with it.

This is probably less of a book update than a life lesson this week. For those of us that feel like keeping on the track we carved for ourselves is the only thing that could possibly lead to us succeeding, take a breath. Detours are bound to happen and there’s no stopping them, so enjoy the scenic route, whether we wanted to travel along it or not.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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