Free Book – Ascension

Giveaways are a bit thin on the ground lately, but there are free books aplenty!

I’ve been giving some thought to Friday’s giveaway segment lately and have a question to ask: what do you prefer? Giveaways or a free e-book?

Giveaways promise a lot of cool book-related swag in addition to books but my main issue with these is that they tend to be US based. Not fun for anyone located outside the USA, even if we all know the shipping would be a nightmare.

Let me know what you would like to see in this segment in future either in the comments or via my Contact page. In the meantime, here’s your free book – no strings attached!

In a world of supernaturals, I am something else.

Ascension Day turned Average Joes into spell-casting savants, Plain Janes into glamorous vampires, and the homeless guy at the intersection of Sunset and Santa Monica into the alpha werewolf of Los Angeles. Unfortunately for me, my Ascension was… unique. I was struck by lightning and can’t stop throwing sparks.

For the last fourteen years, hiding has kept me safe from the government, while my uncle’s magic has kept the public safe from me. Now, just when I’ve found some semblance of control over my power, my world turns upside down again. A terrorist organization has kidnapped my dad, thrusting me to the center of an investigation that quickly reveals my anonymity was only an illusion.

Some of the most famous, dangerous supernaturals in the world surround me, and their agendas are as mystifying as my growing powers. My sworn protector is none other than Connor Thorne —  arguably the oldest, most powerful vampire in existence. But even silver linings cast shadows; Connor has more secrets than I do.

My name is Fiona Sullivan, and for better or worse, the world is about to find out exactly who I am.”

* * *

Absolutely loving this blurb, it takes me back to the days of Dark Angel with fugitive Jessica Alba exercising her superhuman abilities against secret government sects. I’ve already got my copy and it’s pretty highly rated on Amazon, so fingers crossed this book is as good as it looks. No doubt I’ll be posting a review for it shortly.

You can grab your free copy of Ascension right here, which is free at the time of this post but cannot guarantee it will be free forever. So make sure to check the price before one-clicking!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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