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The Rogue Valkyrie Series Updates

The one thing I forget every time I start a new job (or career) is that it takes a while to get into the swing of things. We’ve got to learn how to do the work, manage your time, and deal with your co-workers, and it isn’t until we do all this that we can finally settle in and start progressing.

I’ve definitely been treading water since I first started authoring, even though I’ve completed two and a half books since December. Still trying to find my rhythm so that I can really maximise my efforts and reach peak efficiency. My social media feeds are flooded with amazing authors who are whacking out 12,000 words a day and it’s that kind of level I would love to reach one day.

Life definitely tossed everything up in the air for me recently, and while it had me a little flustered, when everything came back down to earth, I realised it presented the perfect opportunity for a shake-up. I had a play around with my schedule and had a think about how I needed to order things to enable maximum focus.

I sound like an over-zealous new manager who has come into the company with bright new ideas that will inevitably fail because, newsflash my friend, your workforce is over-worked, underpaid, and pretty fed up. This sure makes me lucky, because I’m the only person I need to motivate and hold accountable – even if I’m also underpaid right now!

This week, I experimented with a new way of working, by dedicating the first half of my day to writing with no exceptions, and dealing with the nitty gritty stuff later in the day. Not to mention the blanket ban on social media and music – oh, the hours they will drain away. So far, I’ve doubled my word count in the first few days, which is helping to make up for the days I had to skip writing to deal with other issues.

If you’ve been following my journey so far, you may be aware that I’m currently working on Valkyrie Unleashed, the third book in The Rogue Valkyrie series. Book one, Valkyrie Cursed will be available in a little over a month’s time – ARC copies are still available if you want to read it ahead of time – and book two, Valkyrie Awakened, will have its launch in August.

Valkyrie Unleashed is officially half-finished, with sixteen complete chapters done – though not yet dusted – and about the same to go. A third book is completely uncharted territory for me, as I haven’t yet published a sequel to any of my other books, and it’s exciting to carry on a story for so long across this many books.

My hope is to carry on pushing my limits and exceeding my word counts, as while most people believe writing the book itself is the hardest part, in truth, it’s actually one of the easier parts. Editing, blurb creation, and the act of publishing a book can really take up a good chunk of the time it takes to create and publish a book.

It feels amazing to make some solid progress on the series again and I can only hope it will continue for as long as possible.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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