What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile – Sleepless

With millions of indie published books hitting the digital shelves every year, it’s difficult sometimes to know the experienced authors with quality books from the not so experienced authors who have a few lessons to learn. When I find an indie author who does an amazing job of creating an enjoyable book, I make sure to remember them. Which is why I am yet again featuring the work of the talented Scarlett Kol on The Secret Library book blog.

Scarlett released her book Sleepless in the boxed set Darkness Rising – the same set that I published my magic academy book A Druid’s Secret. This boxed set went on to hit the USA Today bestseller chart a little over a year ago, which gave us both the honour of becoming bestselling authors.

After some re-writing and shake-ups, Scarlett has just released Sleepless again on 27th May 2021 as its own book. I managed to snag an ARC copy of the book and will be reading it very shortly, but after having already read and reviewed Scarlett’s book Wicked Descent a few years ago, I’m confident I’ll enjoy it.

When night falls, all hell breaks loose…

Senior year was supposed to be the best year of Berkley’s life—until it turned into a nightmare. Parental problems, boyfriend issues, scholarship competitions, and volleyball playoffs have her so stressed she can’t sleep. But when an insomnia driven excursion leads her to cross paths with some amateur witches, she’ll wish she stayed in bed.  

Now she can finally sleep, but doesn’t seem to get any rest. Each day blurs into the next as strange things start happening around her. Dark, sinister things that tie back to Berkley, except she can’t remember any of them.

Desperate to regain control of her own life, she searches for an explanation to her night-time amnesia. The answer will drag Berkley and her friends into a dangerous world of magic and mayhem—one where she may never wake up.”

* * *

This book is next on my to-read pile, so I hope to get stuck in very soon and read all about Berkley’s adventure. I do wonder if I’m going to have to read this one during the day though, as the blurb has some seriously sinister vibes. I’ll let you know if I had to read Sleepless under the covers with a flashlight in a book review in the next few weeks.

Scarlett Kol’s Sleepless is available on all major publishing platforms right now, so grab your copy if it looks like your cup of tea!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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