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3 Ways To Return To Reading After An Involuntary Break – The Anxious Author

Reading breaks are often involuntary and pop up when life gets busy. When our schedules are so full that we struggle to keep a work-life balance, reading often gets forgotten on the wayside for a while. It’s an unfortunate reality, as we should always have time for a little recreation now and again.

Getting back into the habit of reading can be quite difficult. We’ve forgotten the feelings of our usual reading routine and recapturing them after some time may feel challenging, even overwhelming. After all, if we have just regained enough time to begin reading again, this usually means we haven’t long finished a period that saw us frantically busy. Our mental and physical energy sources may be depleted, and even choosing what to read next may make us want to take a nap.

But with a little organisation on our part, we can get back into the swing of reading in no time. Here are a few things we can do to make the prospect of rediscovering our reading schedule less daunting:

Download A Bunch Of New, Cheap E-Books

Time away from reading can sometimes make the books we intended to read lose their lustre in our eyes. This isn’t because they’re any less interesting than when we first chose them, just that our state of minds may be a little different to the last time we picked them up.

Sometimes, rejuvenating our enthusiasm for reading means buying some awesome new books to get us excited again. Even if they end up at the bottom of our TBR piles for a while, they’ve served a purpose by giving us that awesome feeling of having just bought a new book (or seven).

Make A List Of The Books You Want To Read First

This is a really helpful way to ease the mental load of choosing our next books. If we make the effort to list what our next several reads will be, we won’t worry about having to endure a lengthy decision-making process after we’ve finished a book.

Flick through your e-book library, or take a look at your bookshelf and make a list of the next seven books you intend to read. When it comes to picking up the books you chose when you get to them, you may find that you don’t want to read them just yet and choose another. The important thing is, the organisational aspect allowed you to relieve the mental effort of choosing, freeing you up to enjoy the act of reading again.

Pick A Pocket…Of Time

Having a set time to read works wonders for getting back into a reading routine. Making sure we have a pocket of the day in which nobody is allowed to disturb us and our phones are turned off sets us up for a successful reading session.

That task in itself may be a little difficult, but even if this pocket is during our lunch breaks, we may be able to steal half an hour exclusively to read. It’s worth a shot, in any case!

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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