What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile – Song of Echoes

I’m diving back into epic fantasy, which is a huge mistake on my part. Without having re-established my reading habit this past few weeks, I’m struggling to read even 60,000 word novels in time for review day, let alone the 100,000+ that are epic fantasy novels.

But I love getting stuck into a good epic fantasy every so often, and when this one arrived in my inbox, I couldn’t say no.

“For three hundred years, the people of the Five Realms have lived in relative peace, protected by their great leader, the Archon. Yet, far to the north, in the frozen lands beyond the Draegalen Trench, the Ruuk stir, driven by a rising evil, long believed banished from the world. But rumors questioning the Archon’s ability to defend the realms once more, persist.

Elodi, the Lady Harlyn, uneasy in her new role following the death of her father, and Toryn, a farmworker and outsider in his village, must discover a way to fight an enemy that all but defeated their ancestors.”

* * *

So while the organiser in me despairs at the sight of this book, the reader in me is eager to read it. There’s something about fantasy worlds that can whisk you so far away from reality, and some days, we really need that very feeling.

I only hope I can get my act together before I start reading this one, as it’s going to take some time. Fingers crossed that this time in a month I may be in a better position to get stuck into a long read, because I really like the look of this one.

Thanks for reading! Did you know I also write urban fantasy books? Check them out here!

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