Get Your Free Fantasy Boxed Set!

A decision has been reached: we’re going to do a run of free books and boxed sets for the “giveaway” segment and see if you all like this better. You can rarely go wrong with free books, and this way, everyone gets to participate because these freebies cover most territories.

So, we’re going to kick this new TSL tradition off by showcasing this YA/NA fantasy boxed set:

Not every fairytale has a happily ever after…

For the first time in hundreds of years, the five kingdoms were at peace. United by the band of young heroes who won the Great War, the realm had entered a time of wealth and prosperity unlike anything it had known before. New families, new beginnings, and old alliances were on the mend. But such a thing can never last.

When Katerina and Dylan’s teenage daughter finds herself at the centre of a strange prediction, she and her friends are swept away on a wild adventure that may very well claim all of their lives. Old evils are lurking in the shadows. A new secret darkness is waiting to take hold.

Can the new band of heroes stop it in time? Or has their happily ever after finally come to an end?”

* * *

The blurb is a tad dicey on this one, but it’s worth taking a gamble on. After all, these three books don’t cost a penny right now. This series is straight fantasy, but next week I’ll get on the urban fantasy train to see what’s bouncing around for free.

Get your free copy of the first three books in the Omega Queen series a-right here.

Thanks for reading! Check out my urban fantasy books here!

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