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Reviews For Valkyrie Cursed

Advanced copies of Valkyrie Cursed went out at the beginning of April and reviewers have had some lovely things to say about it ever since.

Valkyrie Cursed is the first book I’ve ever written to market before, keeping tropes in mind. Some authors are a little sceptical about doing this, with some having verbalised in past discussions that writing to market would impact their style to the point where they would produce a cookie-cutter book. I did wonder this myself, but I know now that this is a myth. You can absolutely maintain your style while writing to market, but your book will also get more attention.

Reviewers have had such lovely things to say about Valkyrie Cursed that it’s really helped motivate me to continue the series. Book two, Valkyrie Awakened, is already finished and up for advanced reviewers, ready for release at the beginning of September.

I’d like to drop just one or two of the kind words said about Valkyrie Cursed by the lovely reviewers who took the time to read it.

Valkyrie Cursed is a bloody good read mashing up the myths of several legendary creatures and mixing them into the author’s unique modern day magical world. If you love stories like those found in Buffy, Supernatural, and Harry Potter you are sure to enjoy this new series!” – Shannon McRoberts, USA Today Bestselling Author

Valkyrie Cursed is a perfect first-in-series. The prejudices and hardships facing the vampires of Rowan’s world feel almost too real in the social climate of 2021 but Wylor-Owen takes her protagonist from arrogant ignorance to active understanding without preaching to her readers.” – Des Jensen, Author.

If you want an action packed, emotionally engaging story, then you MUST read this book! Valkyrie Cursed is a fresh take on the supernatural. It’s engaging from the start and is a true page turner. I couldn’t put it down!” – Goodreads Reviewer.

Valkyrie Cursed – in case I haven’t let you know already – is available on Amazon to buy or on Kindle Unlimited. Urban fantasy and paranormal romance fans have been known to enjoy it!

Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of Valkyrie Cursed right here!

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