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A Little More About “The Rogue Valkyrie Series” (Before We Get Back To Normal)

Before the release of Valkyrie Cursed, I didn’t talk much about the book or the series. I had my reasons, including that until I had an actual book to show people, it felt a little fruitless talking about it. I’ll wait years for an awesome book and my excitement will never wane, but I am a new author and I can’t expect many people (if anyone) to get excited about my books (yet).

So, I saved my breath about the book and the series until it was out into the world. Valkyrie Cursed released two weeks ago today, and with a handful of great reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub, apparently it’s a book that urban fantasy fans are enjoying. Reader feedback is hugely motivational (especially when it’s good!) and really lit a fire under me to continue the rest of the series.

A little bit about The Rogue Valkyrie series. This series follows Rowan McQuaid, who recently lost her curse-breaker’s licence after office politics caused her to unjustly take the blame for an incident at work. As a valkyrie, Rowan has had no dealings with vampires in the past and, as advised by her coven and family, avoids them at all costs. However, when she breaks the curses on an ancient tomb for a shady client, she releases a whole group of them into south-east England.

Valkyrie Cursed is book one in the series, and will shortly be followed by Valkyrie Awakened, which reveals that there is much more to Rowan’s act of opening the tomb of vampires than first thought. Valkyrie Awakened is actually finished, and is in the hands of advanced reviewers right now, ready for release on 1st September. Book three, Valkyrie Unleashed, is over halfway written and coming along nicely.

I have written sequels before, but the release of Valkyrie Awakened, will be the first time I’ve ever published one. The pressure of producing a book as enjoyable as the first is real, but after beginning to write Valkyrie Unleashed, I’ve realised that the pressure never goes away. Like most unwelcome emotions, it’s something we learn to adapt to rather than eliminate.

Regardless of doubt and the urgency of needing to produce more sequels, I’m thoroughly enjoying writing this series. It helps in no small way that the first two books are being enjoyed by their readers. I’m doing so many things for the first time, but I’m grateful for the part-anxiety, part-excitement rollercoaster that is both allowing me to enjoy this adventure, and keeping me on my toes.

If you’ve seen a bunch of posts about Valkyrie Cursed and The Rogue Valkyrie series, and aren’t sure if you’d enjoy it, here’s a bit about what to expect. Valkyrie Cursed is an urban fantasy novel involving a valkyrie-vampire slow burn romance set in London and rural parts of south-east England. It’s available on Amazon to buy or on Kindle Unlimited.

I’ve always wanted to write a vampire romance, so this series has really ticked a big item off my bucket list! I also have a prequel in the works which I will hopefully finish by the end of the year. This series will probably finish some time in 2023 – all nine books completed – and I can’t wait to see what happens along the way.

Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of Valkyrie Cursed right here!

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