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The Unwavering Support of the Indie Author Community

I’m well aware that for most people, the past two weeks have been normal, more or less. For me it’s been a whirlwind full of ecstatic highs and motivational lows. But both have blown me away by highlighting just how amazing and supportive the indie author community is.

I’ve mingled with the indie author crowd for a few years now, ever since first publishing my short story The Witch’s Touch back in 2018. Most people I spoke with to begin with were in the same boat as me: with big aspirations to become full-time authors but with little idea of how to go about it. We shared dreams of being picked up by one of the big 5 publishers and making hundreds of thousands on just one book a year.

As we spent time dabbling in author takeovers and sharing tips on self-publishing, we slowly learned that we had a much better chance of making a living as authors without the help of a publisher. We dedicated ourselves to learning as much about self-publishing and how to succeed, and the truth was, there was no right answer. There was only experimentation, and applying a hundred strategies in succession to see what worked for our books.

We celebrated successes with each other and mourned the mistakes, ready to try something else the next day. But it wasn’t until release week that I realised just how much my fellow authors had my back. When I needed help spreading the word about my book, they posted in their reader groups and sent out newsletters. When disaster happened and Facebook cancelled my ad account, a wonderful ad guru I had met during our 2020 USA Today run, offered to help.

The days I wondered whether I was good enough to live this dream, my fellow indies propped me up and encouraged me to keep going. I had no doubts about continuing, I had come this far after all. But feeling unworthy is a lead weight that hinders forward movement. A weight that became infinitely lighter with the help of my fellow indies.

As an introvert whose people-pleasing tendencies fostered fierce independence, relying on people felt like I had become the lead weight in other people’s lives. Yet people gave their support effortlessly and my gratitude knows no bounds.

In a very roundabout way, this is my thanks to the indie author community. Thank you for being there for a new indie starting out, and for lifting me up in every conceivable hypothetical way. (But one day, I will crowd-surf, it’s on my bucket list). I am blown away by how supportive this community is, and I hope to return the favour at every opportunity.

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