What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile – To Kill A Siren

My reading habit hasn’t improved any lately and that really needs to change. I am, for now, blaming the crap-storm currently brewing over England, and we are due to get rained on over the course of the next few months. I won’t bring politics to what I want to stay strictly a book blog, but let’s just say we aren’t doing so well over here.

I’ve been using video games as a means of escapism as they require a great deal less thought than books. Depth of thought during a time of crisis is a double-edged sword, especially when we have very little control over the circumstances that put us on edge. This is particularly true for those of us with anxiety.

But, I am determined not to let anything stop me reading and have already taken the first step to re-booting my reading schedule: acquiring a corkboard. A list of my to-read books at constant eye-level is sure to help. Next step, figuring out what to read in what order. Well, here’s one that will eventually make its way onto the corkboard list:

“Lexi River has one job—keep Gareth Blaze, a high -stakes gambler, out of trouble. It’s an easy enough task for Lexi most of the time. That is until a mysterious woman named Genevieve bewitches Gareth into placing a bet he can’t win.

Now penniless, Gareth and Lexi are forced to move back to their home state of Kentucky. Once there, they learn Gareth is being stalked by a supernatural creature called a Siren and it won’t stop until Gareth is dead.

Can Lexi learn how to stop the Siren before it gets to Gareth?”

* * *

Sirens don’t pop up in urban fantasy enough in my opinion, they are super fun. They’ve got the same vibes as succubi and incubi but with a great deal more class. Maybe they’ll have their turn at a popularity wave – it seems more likely than a mermaid one, which I was secretly hoping for.

I’m going to pop this one on my to-read pile, get organised, and hopefully there’ll be a review up in no time.

Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of my new urban fantasy romance novel Valkyrie Cursed here!

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