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Authoring In The Summer

The further I dive into authorhood, the more I realise I have to up my organisation game. This is a business, after all!

I experienced a stroke of luck when after a week or two of intending to buy organisational equipment for my office, a corkboard still in its packaging showed up in the village book-swap labelled “free”. It’s now hanging above my computer, proudly displaying my reading schedule for the next few months.

Some people, when they start out on a venture, by some magic seem to know what they need and go out and get it. I am one of those people who never gets it right, and instead over-prepares by buying out the stationary store. Naturally, only half of it gets used and organisation still falls short. Nope, to know what I need to create my organisational system, I need to dive in and work it out as I go along. But goodness knows I will still buy too much stationary just in case.

Taking courses on self-publishing and business is all well and good, but without the experience to complement them, we’re still only seeing half a picture. Ever since the beginning of the year, every day has been a learning day, and I kinda feel like I’m back at school again, just without the bus commute and surprise exams.

In truth, some days have overwhelmed me even when there hasn’t been much going on. Eureka moments happen a lot these days and introverts will know how draining they can be. I’m really enjoying the process of learning how to do my job, even if it is quite tiring. But what I’ve taken away from this experience so far has been invaluable to say the least.

I now know how to produce a book in three months, which is something I once thought impossible. Book-keeping is now something I can put on my resume – although, be damned if I have to use one of those again. Enough time has passed for me to look back and realise just how much has happened since I started this venture.

I guess this past week has been pretty reflective, now I have the mental space to look back on the last half year. With one book already under my belt and two still to release this year, I can’t wait to see what my circumstances will be like by the time December 31st rolls around. I’m excited to find out! Fingers crossed that, by then, my corkboard will struggle to hold all the notes I pin to it.

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