Free Ingrid Seymore Book

This is one of those free books that might not be permafree – there might be a time limit on this one!

Outcast Fae was recommend to me by one of my bookish friends literally this morning, and I snapped it up right away. The cover was enough, especially because I didn’t have to pay for it. It. Is. Beautiful.

The island is evil. I must escape or die.

I’ve lost my home. I’ve survived in a foreign land. And I’ve been nearly killed by powerful warlocks. I’m no stranger to hardship, but being kidnapped and sent to an island full of vicious supernaturals tops the charts. 

The huge werebear and powerful witch who brought me here aren’t charming either, but they’re far from the worst things lurking in the jungle.

Monsters hungry for tasty prey…

Insane trials meant to weed out the weak…

And Vaughn, a hot and arrogant captive with big secrets and an even bigger attitude. Did I mention he’s also a werewolf?

I don’t know why they brought us here. But nothing is as it seems, especially Vaughn, who appears to possess knowledge he won’t share.

But when I discover our captors have also kidnapped my friends and are holding them prisoner under a magical dome in the heart of the island, I vow to rescue them and discover the island’s corrupt purpose. 

Now, with the help of a reluctant werewolf, I must rescue my friends and make our enemies pay. Bloodshed is guaranteed, and maybe even a fatal attraction to a shifter bent on destroying me.”

* * *

Look good? Outcast Fae is free at the time of this post, but may not be free for long so don’t waste any time grabbing this one. It’s a series starter, so a great place to start!

Get your copy of Outcast Fae here on Amazon, and I think it’s also available on Kindle Unlimited, so that’s always an option if the price has gone up.

Thanks for reading! Check out my new urban fantasy romance, Valkyrie Cursed, available to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited.

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