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Karma Incarnate – Book Review

Title: Karma Incarnate

Author: Shannon McRoberts

Genre: Magic realism

Rating: Four stars

My Review

I have absolutely nothing to prove this book exists other than this review at the moment, as I don’t think it has a release date and isn’t up for pre-order. Therefore, no cover, no blurb and only my account that it even exists. However, I did read it – I think, unless it’s a ghost book – and here’s what I thought:

Karma Incarnate follows who I must refer to in this review as “Soul Eight” because this soul actually becomes several people throughout the course of the book. Soul Eight begins as Ailey, a shifter who has learned that the shifter-witch war is about to be reignited after decades of tentative peace. After going head-to-head with Samira, a witch born of both a demon and a witch, she loses the battle and is reincarnated as Phoebe, a witch.

In Aurora Falls, Samira takes control of the witch coven and marginalises humans and shifters under her father’s command. Desperate to please him, she spends decades putting things in place to ignite another war between the two species.

Karma Incarnate is a story of reincarnation, betrayal, and a spiritual war that will change the face of the universe forever. I really enjoyed the reincarnation aspect of things and the idea that heaven, hell, and earth are run in a business-like fashion. The promise of a war between shifters and witches is an intriguing one, especially when we learn early on that a demon is intent on instigating this in order to expand the borders of hell.

I loved the way souls are processed in heaven and how yoga is a fundamental part of readying a soul for their next life. The visuals of heaven were really interesting and a fun take on the afterlife, although it would have been nice to see a bit of hell too – maybe that’ll come later in book two.

There is a lot of exposition in this book in the form of dialogue between characters, and I feel like this could have been explored with a little more action. I hoped for a bit more action at the climax but the story unfortunately ends before the climax really engages. Also, the characters do underreact to situations a little bit, especially Soul Eight (as Phoebe, her second incarnation), when she comes across people from her past lives and only left them recently.

Karma Incarnate was a fun read, but definitely more for fans of slower paced books. Although there’s no link for this book yet, here is a look at the author page for author Shannon McRoberts, so you can check out her other books.

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