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Making Attempts At Organisation

This title makes me sound like I don’t organise at all, which isn’t true. I spend a lot of time organising myself, implementing new organisational systems, and scolding myself for not sticking to them. But over time, I have developed a sense of what will constitute a successful system and a system that will inevitably be forgotten in a few days time.

For me, colours is a big factor. Words on a page are wonderfully immersive, and in my opinion, there’s little more beautiful than a nice, chunky hardback book. But when it comes to lists and instructions, I’m already aware the contents are going to tell me to do things and without a shiny incentive, my brain switches off. It’s the darndest thing, but I have to really grab my own attention.

This week in my indie author bubble, I’ve been designing an organisational system that I’m hoping I can stick to. When I was younger and didn’t understand my own mind as much, I used to detail what would happen in every single minute of my day. Naturally, without accounting for things like lunch and bathroom breaks, my day got thrown off pretty quickly and I would walk away feeling like I had failed at being organised.

The recent social media movement of understanding yourself and making things work for you, without trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, really helped me understand that there was a system for me out there, I just had to find it. There was no need to despair over not getting up at 4am, going for a long run and then sticking to a strict regiment of activities throughout the day.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s two keys to an appealing timetable by which to work: flexibility and aesthetic appeal. Creating room for things to come up for things to go wrong means being able to still stick to the schedule without complete derailment. Plus, if it looks pretty, aren’t we more likely to want to look at it?

So far, I’ve planned out my days with colourful highlighters, stuck the notes to my brand new corkboard and referred to them every time I forget what I’m supposed to be doing. (It happens a lot.) I can speak to its success so far, but I’m hoping that with more decoration of my corkboard – I’ve had some great suggestions from fellow authors as to this – that I will be able to stick to this organisational system for months to come.

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