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The Book-Writing Rhythm

Among all those motivational quotes peppering our social media feeds, there’s usually one about “finding your rhythm”. Life is a bit like a song that we have to learn to play as we go along, hopefully sounding better over time. This past few weeks, I believe I have finally begun to settle into a rhythm in writing The Rogue Valkyrie Series.

The first few books were always going to be an organisational nightmare. I knew what I had to do to launch the first book, but as we know, not everything goes the way we plan. Having a few books in this series under my belt was the only way I was going to truly learn how to manage my time effectively, and to account for hiccups. Let’s face it, we can’t always prepare for hiccups.

For the first time since I first started writing Valkyrie Cursed, book one in the series, I feel like things are running smoothly. I stick to my writing and editing schedules, checking sales and ads are now a part of my daily routine, and finally, this feels like a business.

This process has reinforced my belief that if you stick at something, you won’t necessarily succeed, but you will become more comfortable in a new venture. That comfort is what allows us to experiment with new ideas and actions in our venture. I’m definitely not at that stage right now, I’m still finding my feet, but this feels like the beginning of the solidification of a structure that can work in the long run.

I’ve spent the last half a year documenting my author journey, and this is the first time things feel even remotely calm. I’m still going full steam ahead, but now is the time of the quiet grinding. The building up of this series so that it can become a substantial, full story that will hopefully end leaving everyone satisfied.

After months of trying to tame anxiety when I trip on a hurdle, it’s nice to have some time in which things are calm. Goodness knows it won’t last, so I will make sure to appreciate every minute!

Thanks for reading! Grab your copy of my urban fantasy romance novel, Valkyrie Cursed, here – also available on KU!

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